South Lake Podiatry


Custom- made Orthotics in South Lake/ Cockburn/ Atwell/ Bibra Lake

What are they?

It is an appliance that corrects or controls structural abnormalities and is derived from Greek word orthos meaning straight. Insoles are not custom made and don’t provide the required support for many of the painful conditions people experience. Insoles should only be used for a small percentage of people that present to the clinic.

Functional orthotics are used to treat hindfoot/forefoot mal-alignments which underlie many foot disorders. As a general rule the more severe the structural abnormality, the more rigid the material required to achieve correction, provided the requisite joint motion is available in the foot to allow for realignment. However if there are severe deformities, it may be necessary to compromise between what is possible and what is tolerable.

The process

1. We always ensure we have attained the appropriate x-ray/ ultrasound prior to the gait analysis so that it the information can be used by the Podiatrist.
2. We utilise computer analysis which helps to identify structural and functional mal-alignments. It is very difficult to visually see minor foot motions with the naked eye and consequently the patient may need to be sent off for an ultrasound after the computer analysis. This information is used by the Podiatrist to prescribe an orthotic that is appropriate for the condition.
3. A plaster cast mould of the foot is taken non-weightbearing with the subtalor joint in a neutral position.
4. The manufacture of the orthotics occurs in a lab in Perth so that the turnaround time is quick.
5. The orthotics are then fitted to the shoes and instructions are given to the patient to ensure they understand what to expect when they have their new orthotics.
6. The review process may take place several weeks/ months later if required.