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Sever's Disease (Calcaneal Apophysitis)

This is a common cause of heel pain in children, which results from inflammation of a growth plate (the last section of developing bone in children where cartilage is being converted to bone) in the heel (calcaneus). The inflammation occurs due to an imbalance between the rates of growth of the bone versus the rate of growth of muscles, putting pressure on the area where the bone is developing.

Symptoms usually occur when the child undergoes a growth spurt, during early puberty. This is therefore most common in:

  • 8- 13 year old girls
  • 10-15 year old boys

Some risk factors for developing this condition include a flat or high arch, poor- fitting shoes, limb length discrepancy (one leg is shorter than the other), or obesity.At South Lake Podiatry we can help manage the heel pain that presents with this condition and can work towards resolving Sever’s Disease.