South Lake Podiatry


Corns and Callouses

Both corns and callouses are thickened areas of skin distinguished from other lesions of the skin caused by dermatological disorders. In most cases they are caused by friction and rubbing on the outermost layer of the skin.

A corn is a cone shaped growth that extending into the skin, and it can be with or without thickened callous around it. There are many types of corns and these may be excessively painful while walking. Some types of corns may result in infection when unresolved, whereas some may develop blood vessels in the area of mechanical stress and may bleed when it is cut out or ‘enucleated’.

Callouses are dense yellow areas of hardened skin and are usually present on the soles of your feet.

Both corns and callouses may develop in response to biomechanical deformities such as overpronation or supination, resulting in greater friction in some areas of your feet.

At South Lake Podiatry, we specialize in using medical instruments to treat corns and callouses, and decrease any chance of complications. Along with that, we can help you improve the underlying cause of the development of corns and callosities.