South Lake Podiatry


Shin Pain or Shin Splints

Known medically as ‘medial tibial stress syndrome’, shin splints are the most common type of lower limb problem experienced by athletes. It can be caused by the accumulation of small stress fractures on the large leg bone (tibia), by an increased amount of pressure in a muscular compartment due to overuse, or due to tearing away of the soft tissue (fascia) from the bone and causing inflammation. This is usually associated with intense exercise on hard surfaces, and there is an increased incidence associated with flat feet combined with inadequate shoe support.
This condition can cause excessive pain during and after exercise in the leg, along with a feeling of pressure upon walking.

At South Lake Podiatry we can effectively relieve this pain by employing certain conservative (non- invasive) techniques which include custom made orthotics, stretches and Extracorporeal/ Radial shockwave therapy.